Welcome To D'Sweets

GrandmomD’ Sweets Irresistible Egg Custard Tart - a dessert recipe handed down from grandmother to mother to daughter – it is the ultimate dessert.  My mother vividly remembers her brothers and cousins anxiously awaiting a holiday meal that would inevitably end with a couple of egg custard tarts that would start a skirmish.  To this day it is still my Uncle’s favorite gift to receive.

Recently we expanded our product line to include many of Grandma's other favorites as well as some new treats. Made only from quality all-natural ingredients, D'Sweets is proud to bring these whole-some treats to you. Organic flour, milk, cage-free eggs.

Preservatives are not our thing. D'Sweets brings the freshest food to you without the extra chemical additives. You'll taste the difference and your body will thank you.

Start a new family tradition today. Enjoy a custard tart or any one of our treats from D' Sweets.